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28 novembre, 2019|

But knowledge is information processed and interpreted. We can quickly see what is the rate of the index at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, but that does not mean that we can say what is the impact of this index on the Japanese and global economy. And therein lies the difference between information and knowledge. Knowledge allows us to take the conversation on a specific topic, refer to the contexts that a man should know the culture. The same information does not provide such opportunities. At the end of this hierarchy is wisdom, but it is still the most scarce commodity in which no one, however, do not complain. What is the impact on the school as simplistic thinking? In my opinion – huge. What’s more, the school wades in ever greater hypocrisy. On the one hand, the list of key competences for the XXI century puts creativity and, second, this effectively kills creativity. Ken Robinson, world-renowned expert in the field of creativity and human potential development on the border of the children studied kindergarten – school. The conclusions that arise from this study are alarming. Features of creativity showed 98 percent of preschoolers, but after 5 years of education, this number decreased by almost half. But if a child in the early stages of education, ie grades 1-3 know that we should not ask questions, not to have other views than the teacher, it means that we have destroyed his thinking at the start. And the picture emerges from the report of Professor Halina Sowińska AMU. “Man is not born stupid. […]